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This year, we've seen a huge comeback in streetwear on the runway.

We've always been inspired by the runway; and with Louis Vuitton and Supreme's collab that went super viral in the fashion industry, and Dior's play with typography on their straps that is now hitting every strapped top around, there has just been too many to name.

We have always loved Gucci, and this year's collection just keeps getting better. We love the romantic type styles, animal emblems, and colorful vintage patterns of nature. This is seen in the recent launch of our accessories collection as well as new tees.

Korea is now inevitably one of the world's leaders in skincare, makeup and tech, and fashion is no exception. The trending Ulzzang style in Korea, especially incorporated by Stylenanda's recent collections, has been a huge inspiration for our womenswear collections.

Bold Japanese streetwear is always a go-to when we feel lost, as well as the streets of Paris: well, let's just say that is where we all started.



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