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As just another ant in the big, big world of fashion and streetwear, we often get stomped with the question: what is difference about us? How do we plan to stand out amongst the rest, when clothing, retail, and even eCommerce stores is speedily becoming so overly saturated, that even Facebook is running out of space on your feed to promote them all?

Inspired by our faith, Paris Club's central ideology is based on people. The rest can be history. Aside from providing high quality clothing and prints, Paris Club's main focus is to design, deliver, and provide good-looking, comfortable garments and the best customer service for our people, our customers. Because people are important and mean much to the core essence of our brand.

Our vision is to dress and provide for people not just up until the point they receive their orders, but our vision is to be a clothing brand that caters for much more. We want to answer all questions and concerns with integrity and respect, and we want to be apart of people's lives, more than just what people wear. We want people to feel empowered, and respected when they are dressed by Paris Club, we want people to know they are cared for and loved, (as well as their moms) and listened to, when there may be no one.

We want to provide much more than clothing for people. We want to provide a listening ear when one is struggling in life, because we know people have much more to worry about other than if the clothes they wear are in fashion. With a team of listeners and helpers, we want to not only provide customer service when there is a question about our garments, but much more, because we know people have much more than clothes that need help and support on.

Will you join us?

- Paris Club.





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